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Try our Phishing Awareness Training

53% of infosec professionals experienced spear phishing in 2017. Even more attacks went unidentified and users unknowingly fell victim to these attacks. With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, you can train users to avoid phishing attacks and even empower your team with the ability to report and eliminate phishing threats right from their inbox.

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Simulated Phishing Attacks

With our ThreatSim Phishing Simulations, you can create and monitor customized simulated attack campaigns for your employees. ThreatSim is an essential tool in creating an effective phishing awareness training program. Features include:

  • More than 600 templates across 35+ languages, including templates from live attacks-in-the-wild from our integration with Proofpoint Threat Intelligence

  • Just-in-time training immediately after an employee fails a simulated attack

  • Auto-Enroll employees into targeted training if they fall for an attack

  • Random, automated scheduling of simulated attacks

  • Extensive analytics help identify organizational vulnerabilities

Phishing Awareness Training

Deliver training to your most susceptible users. You can combine our simulated phishing tests with interactive phishing training. Our 5 to 15-minute phishing training modules provide focused training to maximize end-user phishing awareness.

Turn Employees Into Your First Line of Defense Against Phishing with PhishAlarm

Use our PhishAlarm email reporting button that allows employees to report suspicious phishing or spear phishing messages to your security and incident response teams with one click.

Automate the Removal of Active Phishing Attacks in Minutes

PhishAlarm-reported suspicious emails are analyzed against multiple intelligence and reputation systems by TRAP and PhishAlarm Analyzer. Real threats can be deleted or quarantined with just a click using our integrated CLEAR anti-phishing solution.

  • Analyze attack vectors and identify active attacks in real time

  • Minimize false positives with our machine learning algorithms and automatic filtering of whitelisted emails and simulated phish

  • Reduce the time needed to neutralize an active threat from days to minutes