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Digital Risk Protection

Protect your brand and customers from social media, web domain and dark web threats.


Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection secures your brand and customers against digital security risks across web domains, social media, and the deep and dark web. It’s the only solution that gives you a holistic defense for all your digital engagement channels.

Features and Benefits


Social Media Protection

Digital Risk Protection secures your company and customers from digital risks for your entire social media infrastructure. Our solution protects your social media presence from account takeovers, social media phishing scams, and malicious content.

Web Domain Fraud Monitoring

Protect your domain investments from domain squatters, typo phishing campaigns and other infringing domains. Our digital protection solution applies artificial intelligence to uncover fraudulent domains that pose a risk to your brand and customers. We also safeguard your brand-owned domains remain by letting you know if your domain registrations or SSL certificates are about to expire.



Executive and Location Threat Monitoring

Digital Risk Protection helps you gain situational awareness of potential social media threats against your key executives and locations. Our solution crawls the far reaches of the digital world, spanning millions of web pages and social sites daily. This helps you get in front of threats, whether they are planned, imminent or occurring in real-time.

Digital Compliance

Engaging on digital channels while ensuring compliance doesn’t have to be a headache. Our digital protection solution helps you rein in account social media sprawl and supervise all your content to ensure it complies with public communications and retention rules from FINRA, SEC, FCA, IIROC and others.

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Get Started With A Demo

When you request a demo, you can map your social, mobile, and domain footprint to discover your brand-owned and fraudulent or unauthorized accounts.

Solution Brief

Digital Risk Protection Overview

With Proofpoint’s holistic platform, you can eliminate the brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of enterprise digital engagement.

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Domain Fraud Report

Every year, millions of web domains are registered by people looking to defraud businesses, their employees and customers. Learn about the latest research on domain trends, including the tactics and activity of fraudulent domains.

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Monitoring and Protecting Your Company's Digital Footprint

Learn about the channels that make up a company’s digital footprint and the various risks that make it important to consistently monitor and secure your organization’s digital footprint across all channels, even if you do not have an official brand presence in one.

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Understanding Digital Risk

Learn the latest statistics on how your digital presence exposes companies to social media security risks.

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