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Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Security Solutions

Mitigate the risk of email data loss prevention (DLP) and protect against email fraud. Prevent outbound communication of W2s and transfer requests to impostors.


Email is the most critical risk vector for inbound threats. It’s also a critical threat vector for outbound data loss. Proofpoint Email DLP solutions simplify data loss prevention by giving you complete visibility and control of email leaving your enterprise.

Features and Benefits

Protection from impostor email

Our Email DLP solution has more than 80 fine-tuned policies that automatically find, classify, and block messages typically used as a part of BEC-based attacks. These policies greatly reduce the risk of sending W2s, employee records, and wire transfers to impostors.

Are You Prepared for a Data Breach?

Learn more about the financial costs of a data breach and how Proofpoint's DLP security can protect your organization from attacks.

DLP Solutions that enables productivity

Email DLP’s Smart Send feature enables email senders to remediate their own outbound policy violations. This powerful, easy-to-administer tool helps educate users while freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

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Deeper analysis and fingerprinting

Analyze email content in detail. When needed, block parts of outgoing email and similar content from being sent. Email DLP solutions also looks for all standard forms of restricted content, such as PCI, HIPAA, FINRA and other regulated material.

Our Digital Asset Security feature accurately detects sensitive data in unstructured content. You can monitor and manage a specific network folder. Sensitive enterprise documents are automatically fingerprinted. Digital Asset Security finds partial and full fingerprint matches, even if the data resides in a different file format.

You can also control content that is unique to your enterprise, such as patents and memos. If someone tries to email sensitive assets, the message can be routed back to the user, HR, IT, or anyone else designated by your policy. 

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