When your people engage in personal browsing or check personal webmail at work, they can become a target for attackers. Personal Browsing Defense is built with simplicity at its core, based on intelligence from Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Isolation. A browser isolation solution allows your users to browse the web and access their personal email while preventing malicious content from impacting your corporate devices.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Capabilities to Protect your People

Browser isolation is simple to deploy and manage, Personal Browsing Defense empowers you to protect hundreds of thousands of users in days, rather than in weeks or months. And it does this while respecting their privacy. Our cloud-based remote browser solution makes it easy for you to stay ahead of attackers. Personal Browsing Defense:

  • Provides continual daily updates
  • Protects business and personal web browsing sessions
  • Requires no software installation, network configuration, or management required
  • Needs no registration (IP whitelist) or self registration (email)

Man Using iPad Protected by Browser Isolation Technology

Web Browser Isolation Technology

Our advanced and proven threat intelligence capabilities extend advanced email security to personal browsing and the broader web. All links inside Personal Browsing Defense are rendered using URL isolation technology. This allows your people to safely and confidently browse the internet at work. Personal Browsing Defense:

  • Includes Personal Webmail Defense
  • Defends against potentially malicious URL links in personal webmail with URL isolation technology
  • Does not allow external content, such as JavaScript or Active Content, to execute on corporate devices
  • Destroys user browser sessions when they are done and opens fresh browsers for every new session

Progressive Management of Personal Browsing

The Personal Browsing Defense web browser isolation service simply works—without fail. Now you can respect the privacy of your people when they access webmail. And without worrying about additional risk to your organization. It's a win-win for everyone.

  • Near-zero security risk for corporate assets, so there’s no need to inspect and track corporate and personal web traffic
  • Encrypts web traffic with network anonymization to protect users’ identities
  • Protects employee privacy
  • Simplifies compliance

Colleagues Discussing Browser Isolation Technology

Cyber Security Professionals Monitoring Cyber Threats

Enable Content Inspection and Security Monitoring Controls

It’s important to eliminate personal webmail as a source for cyber threats to help you reduce your potential exposure. Personal Browsing Defense enables secure and robust data monitoring and collection programs without collecting your users’ personal data. It allows you to:

  • Monitor what matters without violating compliance standards
  • Inspect web traffic outside of Personal Browsing Defense safely
  • Expand your cyber threat monitoring and control programs without worrying about remediating assets infected by malicious content from personal browsing

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