Gartner Fighting Phishing - 2020 Foresight

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Phishing attacks are soaring, and most cybersecurity controls are not equipped to stop them*. That's the sobering conclusion of a new report from Gartner. Today’s attackers target people. They bypass email defenses by impersonating trusted senders. And they’re beating security tools not designed to detect these people-focused attacks—or help resolve them after they reach the inbox.

Download Fighting Phishing — 2020 Foresight. The report outlines how you can stop email fraud, business email compromise (BEC), and other impostor attacks. You'll learn:

  • Why legacy email defenses are failing to stop impostor attacks
  • Five steps to fully protect against today’s email attacks
  • The importance of security awareness training and reporting
  • How to strengthen business processes against impostor attacks

*Gartner, Fighting Phishing — 2020 Foresight, Niel Wynne, Peter Firstbrook, 19 July 2018