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Data Sheet

Anti-Phishing Training Suite

Security leaders and their teams understand the challenges of reducing phishing and ransomware attacks. Technical safeguards can’t stop every attack from reaching end users. They can’t prevent human error. And they can’t provide the long-term benefits of effective security awareness training.

Ongoing education yields measurable results. Our Anti-Phishing Training Suite combines assessments, education, reinforcement, and measurement, and can be used with our Continuous Training Methodology, proven to drive industry-leading results. It’s the best possible solution if your primary focus is to ensure end-users can defend against phishing attacks.

Key Benefits:

  • Change end-user behavior to reduce risks from phishing and ransomware attacks
  • Prioritize and improve incident response
  • Provide consistent training across the globe with multilanguage support
  • Track results and progress with real-time reporting

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