Defend Your Data against Insider Threats:
Stop Valuable Data from Leaving with Departing Employees 

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Recorded live on Feb 16, 2023

Employee turnover has been – and will continue to be - a major driver of insider threats. Yet, the underlying dynamics have shifted significantly during the past year. While late 2021 ushered in a record number of voluntary job resignations, 2022 ended with a surge in layoffs, particularly in the technology sector. With the high volume of employee churn, it’s imperative that organizations prevent the risk of data loss. How can your organization protect its most valuable data from walking out the door with departing employees?   

Join our 30-minute webinar, the second in a three-part series on defending your data, to learn: 

  • How employee turnover increases the risk of insider threats 

  • Lessons learned from real-life examples of data loss due to departing employees 

  • How to gain granular visibility into employee behavior before they leave the organization 

  • Best practices and tools to protect data and accelerate insider investigations 

If you missed the other sessions in the series, they are available to watch on-demand. 

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