Go Behind the Scenes of Our ‘User Risk Report’

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WombatProofpoint_Blog_WebinarWe recently released our 2018 User Risk Report, which features results from a global survey of more than 6,000 working adults across six countries (the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia). The report explores technology users’ personal cybersecurity behaviors and their general knowledge of best practices related to email security, use of WiFi and virtual private networks (VPNs), password management, use of corporate-issued devices for private tasks, and more.

Have you been making assumptions about the things your end users do and do not know about cybersecurity hygiene — or assuming that employees’ off-hours activities are not influencing your organization’s overall security posture? If so, we invite you to access our on-demand SecureWorld webinar replay and Behind the Scenes interview to learn more about the findings from this insightful report.

On-Demand Webinar

Register now to access the replay of our SecureWorld webinar, which features analysis, discussion, and Q&As by Gretel Egan, our Security Awareness and Training Strategist; Sam Masiello, Chief Information Security Officer for the Gates Corporation; and Alexandra Panaretos, Ernst & Young’s National Cybersecurity Practice Lead for Security Awareness and Training. CPE credits are available for this webinar.




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Behind the Scenes Interview

Click below to listen to the SecureWorld Behind the Scenes interview. Our Chief Architect, Kurt Wescoe, joins Gretel Egan to discuss key findings from the User Risk Report, outlier data points within specific countries, and advice for using technical tools and security awareness training to better manage end-user risk.


To see the full survey results, including country-by-country breakdowns, get your copy of the report.