Wombat Vlog: What Is Social Engineering?

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In this first segment of our two-part video blog, I bring end users up to speed on the concept of social engineering. Viewers will understand what this threat is and the ways they might encounter social engineers in their work and personal lives, including phishing attacks, smishing text messages, social media fraud, vishing calls, and imposter scenarios. I also discuss the emotional aspect of social engineering, and how attackers attempt to use our natural human tendencies to trick us into providing access to people, places, and things that should be off limits. 

This brief video allows you to share practical information with your end users in straightforward, digestible terms they can understand. It is a good companion to our Anti-Phishing Training Suite, which provides simulated phishing assessments and hands-on training about the social engineering techniques cyber criminals use to trick end users into compromising data and systems.

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