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Attack Spotlight provides infosec professionals with free, actionable content designed to arm end users against the most relevant real-world phishing attacks and lures being seen in the wild.

Trending Threat: DocuSign Phishing Campaign

Recently, we’ve noticed a rising wave of attacks on DocuSign accounts, with more than 10,000 malicious emails being sent each week. Attacks are highest for companies in finance, manufacturing, and insurance, but all industries have been affected. 


The popularity of DocuSign makes it a favorite target of cybercriminals. They create increasingly elaborate, fake DocuSign emails and websites designed to steal user’s information and access their accounts. 

What Can I Do?

Our Attack Spotlight profile quickly shows users what to look out for and how to stay safe. Send this profile to your users so that they can learn how to avoid being tricked by the DocuSign phishing campaign. 

In the next section, we’ve provided a sample message and the link you can copy and paste into an email for your users.