Solutions for Microsoft 365

Protect your people and data with superior security and compliance tools

Proofpoint gives you protection for, and visibility into your greatest risk—your people. With our people-centric approach to security and compliance, you get the tools you need to make your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) investment a success.

Security and Compliance for Microsoft 365

If your organization is invested in Microsoft 365, you may need to augment your security and compliance measures.

Threat Protection

Prevent threats and stop account compromise

At Proofpoint, protection starts with people. That’s why organizations choose us to stay ahead of the attacks that target their Microsoft 365 users via email and cloud applications. Our unique people-centric solutions provide you with superior protection and actionable visibility. This helps you  prevent and resolve advanced threats and compromised accounts.

Using third-party solutions with Microsoft 365

Data security

Defend your data across channels

With the advancements of OneDrive, Teams, and other Microsoft 365 productivity apps, data security can be a challenge. We work to help you identify and defend the data that your people create, access and share. Our adaptive access and data controls are based on users, groups, threat intel and context.—This helps you prevent and respond to data misuse across channels, including cloud apps and email.


Archiving and compliance

Ease your compliance challenges

 Many choose “good enough” archiving and compliance for Microsoft 365. But this could mean sub-optimal performance, increased costs, and decreased risk mitigation. We simplify compliance by helping you captureyour communications across your Microsoft 365 environment. We can also efficiently and cost-effectively meet your archiving requirements for long-term information retention, e-discovery and supervision.

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Why Companies Choose Proofpoint

Industry-leading threat protection

  • Block malicious links and attachments in Exchange inboxes and Microsoft 365 apps
  • Stop malware-free threats like BEC and credential phishing
  • Identify and remediate compromised accounts
  • Prevent unauthorized access with adaptive controls
  • Fortify users with phishing simulation and security awareness training
  • Protect your customers and partners from impostor email attacks
  • Isolate web access to protect against malicious content
  • Automatically remove malicious emails from users’ inboxes

Actionable visibility

  • Understand your very attacked people (VAPs) and the risks they pose to your organization:
    • Who is being targeted with high-priority threats?
    • What techniques are being used to attack users?
    • Who has clicked on malicious links or attachments?
    • Which accounts are compromised?
    • Who is accessing risky third-party apps?
    • Who is moving sensitive data? 
  • Establish adaptive controls around your VAPs, such as assigning specific security training or limiting access to critical data

Data access and controls

  • Prevent data loss across email and the cloud
  • Unify DLP incident management across channels
  • Provide individual or group-level access to sensitive data
  • Protect against third-party apps trying to access your organization’s data
  • Track data movement across email, cloud, and endpoint
  • Stop malicious and accidental misuse of valuable data

Excellent user experience

  • Get granular mail classification for bulk mail and spam
  • Automatically learn from user preferences
  • Ease IT workloads with robust search functionality
  • Keep users connected during Microsoft 365 outages with always-on continuity

Ease compliance challenges

  • Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Capture and manage electronic communications from over 25 sources
  • Unite data feeds across Microsoft 365 collaboration and file sharing apps
  • Increase speed for admin e-discovery search
  • Get robust out-of-the-box workflows
  • Automate your supervision capabilities

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