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Digital Compliance

Scalable digital compliance for your digital content and social media retention made easy.


Our Digital Compliance solutions provide automated social media monitoring for content supervision, remediation, and record retention - all from a common interface. It offers best-of-breed digital compliance services in a single, unified hub that links all of your content types, teams, and management tools. Plus, all messages are automatically added to the archive - there is simply no easier way to meet social media compliance requests. 

Features and Benefits

Social Patrol

Social Patrol simplifies social media compliance with pre-built content categories, policies, and reports. Within minutes, you can apply policy for your industry and regulations—including, FINRA, FDA, HIPAA, FCA, FTC, SEC and others. Social Patrol's social media monitoring then automatically scans content across all your social media properties and triggers alerts and/or deletes content whenever a violation is detected. With Social Patrol, you can:

  • Automate compliance content scanning and enforcement
  • Get detailed reporting for governance and digital compliance audits
  • Authorize specific apps for social media publishing

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Social Syndicate

Social Syndicate links all your content types, teams, and management tools. The result is a unified, best of breed digital compliance service that makes it easy to supervise workflows for pre- and post-published content. With Social Syndicate, you can:

  • Avoid redundancy and reduce costs with a unified digital compliance process
  • Scale your compliance review and publish more efficiently with automated compliance classifiers
  • Adopt and republish user-generated content and data feeds with ease

Social Patrol Archive

Proofpoint removes your archive roadblocks and simplifies your social media record retention. Social Patrol Archive coupled with Social Patrol delivers the industry’s only end-to end social media compliance solution. With Social Patrol Archive, you can:

  • Simplify your social media retention
  • Meet regulatory requirements for retaining social media records
  • Gain end-to-end social media compliance 

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