Digital Compliance

Digital Risk Protection

Our purpose-built platform keeps your organisation compliant and archive-ready—all in one place. We simplify your digital compliance and e-discovery with our automated, policy-based content moderation and retention. We also provide you with compliant capture, storage and access, streamlined workflow and uncompromised protection.

Features and benefits

Scalable compliance for your digital content and social media retention made easy

Policy Enforcement

Proofpoint delivers an end-to-end compliance platform that enables digital communications best practices and customer success. With our policy templates, you can adopt compliance best practices that are ready for immediate enforcement.

Solution Brief

Meet Supervision Rules

Proofpoint helps you meet supervision and monitoring rules by giving you complete visibility across email, instant messages, collaboration tools and social media. We also provide you with real-time dashboards, alerts and reporting. This gives you the ability to identify and resolve potentially damaging digital compliance violations quickly and accurately. This allows you to stay compliant and respond to audit requests at a moment’s notice.

Content Moderation

With our solution, you get immediate remediation of problematic content. It also provides a streamlined approval workflow for your stakeholders to review static content, including profiles and ads.

With a comprehensive, automated supervision and monitoring process, our solution makes it simple for you to meet requirements for regular social profile reviews.

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Effective E-Discovery and Analytics

Proofpoint simplifies e-discovery by helping you collect, discover, and preserve all types of information. With our advanced E-Discovery analytics, you can manage the legal costs and digital risks of your social media, email, and enterprise collaboration communications.

Social Selling

Social selling provides organisations with a new prospecting pathway to find clients with whom you share common interests. Proofpoint provides you with end-to-end social media monitoring, compliance support and access to highly targeted content that enables social selling at scale.

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